Blondine Maurice

Since 1969 the film of Jean Louis Barrault, Les enfants du Paradis, the theme of the Fool has refused to leave her heart. Blondine has trained with world class international talents in clowning.
1977: Finding her personal clown (one of them anyway) with Kaf Warman in California
1999 onwards: There is No Turning back, inspired by...
* Cheryl Cashman see Pocninko, Nelson
* Grindl, clown and dancer, Toronto
* Ian Wallace aka Nion, Vancouver
* Facilitator Training with Vivian Gladwell founder of Nose to Nose, Europe

Blondine has raised 7 children and been a Waldorf Early Childhood teacher since 1980. These experiences granted her many opportunities to find the humor in everyday life.

Assisting for 5 years in various transformative workshops and Body Mind Therapy training has helped Blondine to develop ease in holding space, listening and creating a safe environement for emerging clowns, all the while creating a lifetime journey towards her business: The Heart Nose and the healing power of laughter.